What will happen to Europeans in Britain after Brexit?

Theresa May triggered article 50; starting Brexit negotiations and leaving millions of EU citizens concerned for their future in Britain. London Mayor, Sadiq Khan, demands that Theresa May guarantees the status of EU migrants in the UK, stating that is it important to reassure those anxious for their future.

Home secretary Amber Rudd, has voiced the hope for securing the status of EU citizens in the UK, though the government has yet to negotiate a deal with EU member states.

The government has expressed that they “Want to secure the status of EU citizens who are already living in the UK, and that of UK nationals in other Member states” and that they “recognise the contributions EU nationals have made to our economy and communities”, although this proposes that the government aims to act on the matter, they have made no promises towards ending the worries of the migrants.

Panic has also arisen for these migrants after the government claimed that the Home Office will remove EU citizens without comprehensive sickness insurance (CSI). Those who do not have ‘right of residence’ in the UK, including students and partners of UK citizens, may be deported and rejected re-entry into the UK if they do not obtain CSI, even though many of these EU nationals are eligible to NHS services, meaning they would not have the insurance.

The Home Office has since denied these claims, stating that EU citizens without CSI will not be removed, yet the future of these citizens who make up 4% of the UK population is still hanging in the balance, with no direct motive towards securing their status in the UK. Contradictory statements are continually released regarding Home Office regulations.

Many EU nationals residing in the UK feel as if they are “treated as second class citizens” as their rights are overlooked and they are currently stuck in limbo wondering what will become of their status’ here. Anxiety levels remain high and people are struggling to cope with the uncertainty of their future, Theresa May continues to disregard the lives of the EU citizens in the UK, using the number three million as a bargaining chip during Brexit negotiations.

Although it is unclear if the Government would end the EU freedom of movement treaties, there is little confidence that the government will protect the status of millions of migrants.

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