Barista Visa

Amber Rudd announced that a new ‘barista visa’ may be introduced to keep UK’s coffee shops staffed post Brexit. Under this visa, young European citizens can continue to work in the UK’s hospitality industry.

Plans of the new visa came into view after the British Hospitality Association cautioned that restaurants may be forced to go out of business, with the lack of British workers in the hospitality industry the decrease in migrants coming to the UK will leave the restaurants short staffed.

Under the ‘barista visa’, European citizens will be limited living in the UK for two years and is modelled similarly to the youth mobility scheme, which allows 18-to-30 year olds from non-EU countries to work in the UK for two years. Holders of the new visa will not have access to any benefits, or be allowed to attend schools in the UK, they would also not be able to extend their visas. The youth mobility scheme may also be stretched to allow people to work in different industries, such as, social care and construction.

A suggested solution for the lack of workers in the hospitality industry could be to hire UK workers, but they often don’t want to. Young British nationals rarely show interest in taking jobs with low pay. Pret A Manger, which is one of the biggest sandwich chains in the country, expressed their concerns to a government committee, following applicants for jobs at their company. Only 1 in 50 of the applicants were British and around 65% of their staff are migrants from the EU, they say that this is because they are not always seen as a ‘desirable place to work’ for British people.

Major coffee chains like Costa Coffee have stated that they feel ‘encouraged’ by new scheme as it implies that the government are working on ways to resolve their post Brexit issues.

Although the ‘barista visa’ is not definite, there is no doubt that the application process will be a complicated one, which is why our lawyers are Burlow Spencer remain prepared and up-to-date with the constant changes to immigration rules and regulations.

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