Immigration after Brexit – What could happen?

There is lot of debate and speculation over how EU exit could affect migration levels, that’s because migration as such is inherently difficult to forecast.

No one really knows for sure how Brexit is going to affect immigration. But here are some of the possible ways immigration could be affected after Brexit:

  • According to Burlow & Spencer, a leading immigration law firm with special emphasis on non-immigrant and immigrant visas, Britain leaving the EU would make it possible for the UK to order to curb immigrations and better manage the flow into the country.
  • Britain employers could select migrants to fill the skill shortages while exclude Europeans who have not found employment here.
  • Vote Leave supporters have proposed Australian style point system that depends heavily on what skills are needed. This will restrict or prevent migrants from coming over unless they have secured a job. However this proposal is a subject for debate since it is not always clear what aspects of Australian’s immigration policy are being proposed for the UK. Point system is the way of selecting labor migrants based on their educational qualifications, work experience, language proficiency and occupation. Many experts are finding it surprising to use point system to reduce migration, since it is traditionally been used by countries with liberal migration policies that seek to admit more people than would come to the country through employer sponsored migration alone.
  • EU leaders have made it clear that the UK can’t be the member of the single market unless it accepts free movement of EU workers as well. However it may be possible for the UK to get some of the rights and privileges of the single market provided there is a political will in other member states.
  • Migration experts suggest that the level of immigration could go down, though the reduction would be much smaller.
  • Britain may enter a recession due to negative economic aftershocks of Brexit.
  • There could be reduction in immigration also because Brexit is expected to weaken the economy and reduce job creation in the UK. There has already been a significant fall in the value of the pound, making it less attractive for the people to come to work in the UK.

There is enormous uncertainty as to what would UK immigration policy look like after a vote to leave. No one really knows what kind of agreement the UK and EU might strike after Brexit. However one thing is clear, once the free movement comes to an end, the entire process of designing and implementing new immigration system would be hugely complex.

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  1. Very scary thoughts. I guess this is an example of why we need to be experts in out field of work. A point system can be good and bad.

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