Choosing a local lawyer vs a lawyer online

According to Brand Marketing, an online market research firm, 60 percent of adult internet users have sought a lawyer at least once in their life. Finding lawyer has become easier and time efficient with the advent of internet. However, working with a local lawyer has its own sets of benefits.

The key is to find local lawyer who also has an online presence. For example Burlow & Spencer is a leading immigration law firm with special emphasis on non-immigrant and immigrant visas. The law firm has presence throughout EU. They also have strong online presence.

That means you can get every bit of information about Burlow & Spencer, from their official website. You can also read through the comments left by their customers at various online forums and community websites to assess their level of professionalism and the quality of service they deliver. Since they have local presence in your city, after you complete online research, you can personally visit them for face-to-face meeting and to further discuss about your case and possible solutions.

Advantage of choosing a local lawyer

Your ability to choose the right lawyer pretty much determines the success of your case. Finding a lawyer locally provides some unmatched benefits and control.

You can get referrals from your friends, family or colleagues who have had experience in the past with the lawyers. They will be able to tell you about the lawyer’s experience and competency level. Moreover if you are looking a lawyer for your business, you will certainly want to work with a lawyer who understands your industry and is familiar with the language of the contract. For example if you are looking for legal advice for your startup firm, won’t you like to work with a lawyer who has more startup experience? Another benefit of choosing a local lawyer is that they will understand the best practice for your state and local industry.

Disadvantage of choosing a local lawyer

The best way to find the right lawyer is to meet and speak to at least couple of lawyers before you choose someone to handle your case. This can be a very time consuming process since you have to travel to multiple places to visit as many lawyers.

Advantage of choosing a lawyer online

Lawyers and legal firms these days have their own websites. This brings huge convenience in finding the right lawyer, right from your study room. In matter of hours you can browse through hundreds of lawyers based on various criteria such as their expertise on the subject, experience, professional indemnity insurance and details of their charges, including hidden charges. This saves incredible amount of time and help you to quickly list down lawyers that are most suitable for the job.

Disadvantage of choosing a lawyer online

The biggest issues with searching lawyers online are the lack of credible references.

Take away

Both the ways of finding lawyers have their own strength and weakness. But combining both the methods gives you the most efficient way of finding the right lawyer in the most time efficient way. Here is what you can do:

  • Start your search with online research. Prepare list of lawyers based on
  • Reputation – Check for their longevity
  • Industry recognition – Awards and recognitions are some excellent ways to recognize those who excel in their profession
  • Expertise – Read through the list of services they offer
  • Past success – Just being around for a while is not enough. You should also look for a firm with demonstrable track record.
  • Narrow down the list to include only those lawyers who have local presence in your city. For example Burlow is a law firm found online and they also have local presence.
  • Fix an appointment for face-to-face meeting with only those few lawyers who are most suitable for the job.
4 comments on “Choosing a local lawyer vs a lawyer online
  1. I’ve always searched online and then spoke to them over the phone before going out to meet them in person. Saves times and gas money!

  2. I think everything is pretty much done online now a days. It’s very rare you drive somewhere to just make an appointment and check out the place. That’s what the convenience of the internet is for.

  3. I agree, when searching online for a laywer, it’s hard to tell if references are credible or not. There’s a lot of “fairness” that the internet has and it can be hard to tell what real and what’s not.

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