Spouse Visa Refusals – Tips to Minimize or Eliminate Chance of Refusal

There could be many different reasons for a spouse visa refusal. But how can you make your way through the present application that will have a better chance of approval than the refusal?

Here are some tips which can help you minimize the chance of your spouse visa refusal:

  • Check various route such as Family permit or Spouse/partner of a person settled in the UK/Citizen and take the route that best apply to you.
  • If you are planning to apply for an Entry clearance as a Spouse or Partner of a person settled in the UK/Citizen, make sure you have a valid application along with necessary documents as evidence that proves genuine relationship between you and your spouse or partner.
  • The more documents you provide the better chance you will have, but the consistency, credibility and accuracy of the document is of prime importance. Avoid any document that does not directly support or adds as an evidence for the claim that you are making. Any piece of document that brings confusion to the officer is a sure recipe for rejection.
  • Include a submission letter with your application. You should arrange all your documents in the order how you would like it to be seen by the case officer.
  • Never withhold any information from your previous or current circumstances. Double check all the information you have provided on your online visa application page. Review them together with your partner prior to submission.
  • Don’t miss to provide any additional relevant information that your case officer has requested. You should also not forget to include a TB report if required from the country you are applying from.
  • Provide documents that prove that you have met the English requirement, unless you are exempt.
  • Never try to provide false information, forged documents to support your application to enter or remain in the UK. It is best to declare that the information or documents are destroyed, lost or unobtainable, rather than depending on the fabricated document.
  • There should be supporting documents that prove that the financial requirements are met E-ECP.3.1, E.LTRP.3.1. This will show that you will not recourse to the public funds.
  • Supporting documents should present strong evidence that the applicant will live permanently with his or her sponsor in the UK.
  • Provide original as well as photocopy of each document as required. Recheck all the documents again and make sure the information is listed as clear and in readable format and in English language.

You should choose to make an appeal only if you are being told to do so. Usually the refusal letter comes with an appeal form. You can use this appeal form to raise viable points such as cases wherein the reason of refusal was due to some error or overlooking of the documents by the case officer.

4 comments on “Spouse Visa Refusals – Tips to Minimize or Eliminate Chance of Refusal
  1. This can be a gruesome task. It’s best to do it by the book and not try to “forget” to complete something. It will only hurt you in the long run with a delay or a rejection.

    • Yes Amanda, it’s easy to forget even a simple part of the application that may lead to rejection. When instructing our solicitors we insure that everything is looked over in detail and nothing is missing

  2. This really seems like a difficult task. I didn’t realize how complicated a process this was. I guess it’s for everyone’s safety.

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